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Moving to New Zealand – client experiences

See below what some clients have said about us when moving to New Zealand from UK, Ireland, South Africa and Asia:

Kaly Newman / Robin and Janine Kinnear / Anthony and Kate Lymath / Chris Calcott / Marlene Officer / Ian and Jacky Sergeant / Vinny and Becky Richmond / Talita vd Merwe /Kes and Shabana Modak / Mutley and Judy Vaughan / Brian and Lesley Knowles / Marc James and Kirsten Love / Jacky Guan / Julie Wray and Les Harrison / Christo and Yolande Louw / Derek, Lucy, Chris and Isaac Boyce / Mark and Pam Cvitanich / Mark and Therese Leslie / Jon and Kim Evans / Paul and Lindie de Klerk / Chung Family / John and Sandra van Warmerdam / Mike and Sue Howard / Ms Jiang /  Paul Prasenjit / Dhara Barot / Frances Docking / Hennie and Theresa Cloete / Yan Wu / Ashley Horton / Phillipa Muza / Yan Wu / Judy McKay / David / Emily Harrison / Stander Family / Emma Costelloe and James Benson / Guy and Syully Dobson  / Rachel Rose / Michelle Howard / Darryl Thompson / Willem Schwartz / Emma Xu / Sara Jones / 

"Do not go it alone in an unfamiliar arena, go with a team that understand the process and that work on positive results.

We highly recommend Lane Neave assist you and your family on your new life in NZ."

Moving to New Zealand from UK


"My family and I had been living in New Zealand for over two years on work visas without a problem. We had settled into the kiwi way of life and our son adored it here. 

However, when it came to applying for residence, we were turned down flat and told the only way we could have a chance was by a character waiver being obtained. We tried to do the necessary work ourselves and applied again but, again, were refused. We were desperate to stay and not have to move back to the UK.

We scoured forum sites and the same law firm was recommended many times, "Lane Neave". We read through their website and there seemed to be a lot of experience relating to character waivers. Luckily for us, we made the call. From the very beginning, everyone was very efficient, warm, and professional, even the receptionist who arranged our first phone-call meeting.

The team at Lane Neave was wonderful to deal with, from start to finish. They are easy to talk to, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable. Even though we couldn't be assured one hundred percent of the eventual outcome, we felt in the very best of hands at every point of the process.

It was the most stressful time in our lives, as we hung in the balance between two countries under a dark cloud of anxiety. Lane Neave couldn't have been any better during this time. They told us exactly what they needed of us to prepare our case, they were always available to talk to if we had any queries, and they had excellent communication with the immigration on our behalf.

Thankfully, we got residency! We would not have been able to do this without Lane Neave. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing immigration help, particularly if a character waiver is required."

Kaly Newman
August 2016


"Immigrating to New Zealand in 2009 has been one of the best and most challenging decisions we have ever had to make.  After three years of work permits and struggling to obtain our Resident Visas we found ourselves desperate and almost throwing in the towel.  Realising the detail that was required for a successful residence application, it's no wonder our attempt on our own didn't succeed, we needed professional help, someone with profound expertise.  Well count our blessings and lucky stars we managed to find exactly that in Lane Neave Lawyers, who was referred to us by a work colleague.  Thanks to Lane Neave we didn't give up and we are now happily living in New Zealand.

So we would like to take this moment to extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to Lane Neave.  Thank you for all your help and valuable time spent on us, for being so approachable and encouraging when we needed it most.  You took away all the pressure, frustration and stress because of your dedication, efficiency and hard work, you truly went above and beyond our expectations and for that we will be forever grateful.  Thanks to you all we can now say we are New Zealand Residents and what a wonderful joyous feeling that is.  My husband and I finally got married three months ago after receiving our residency and we can now finally start a family and it's all thanks to you.  Thank you for making our dreams come true.

Lane Neave is definitely at the top of my list of recommendations, because with your knowledge and expertise you truly are the best Immigration Lawyers and I know you will continue to successfully help many other people just like us, keep up the great work!!!

Forever in your debt"

Robin and Janine Kinnear
April 2013


"We would like to take this opportunity to express once again our gratitude to Lane Neave for the successful granting of our residents' visas and particularly for their efficiency, help and expertise.  The entire process of obtaining first work permits and then residents' visas has been smooth, fast and straightforward, many times going out of their way to ensure that nothing caused undue delay, and making us feel reassured at all times."

Anthony and Kate Lymath
June 2012


"After a couple of years of renewing work visas with Immigration New Zealand I decided I should invest in working towards obtaining residency. This was a huge step to take and a commitment to New Zealand I was ready to take despite the perceived cost, stress and time I knew the process would consume. A friend recommended Lane Neave to me and told me to consider engaging in their services. Since my initial assessment with them I haven't regretted my decision to appoint Lane Neave to head my application for residency.

The whole process was completely stress free, professionally managed, and the communication at every stage was great. From my initial assessment to the day I had my residency stamped in my passport, the whole process had taken approximately seven months.

During their representation Lane Neave continually updated me at every stage, and ensured I was aware of each process being conducted. Nothing was ever a problem and I felt like I could call or email any questions throughout the entire process. My questions were answered in a timely manner, and were always full of helpful information.

I do continually speak of the praise of Lane Neave’s Immigration team and would never fail to recommend anyone wishing to pursue any immigration matters to use Lane Neave as their immigration lawyers."

Emily Harrison
July 2012


"I am pleased to let you know that I have finally received my residency application after almost 14 months waiting. I'm very grateful of Lane Neave assisting me in my application.

The first time I met with Lane Neave I had questions for them and found them very professional, friendly and highly efficient. They clearly identified what I needed for my application for residency. However, the Christchurch earthquake interrupted matters and at that point I felt my application would not proceed. Fortunately, due to Lane Neave's efforts my application was granted soon after Immigration New Zealand had access to my file.

I highly recommend the Immigration team at Lane Neave to anyone who encounters difficulties with their immigration application. I believe their work will save your time and money."

September 2011 


"We were thankful for the professional help of Lane Neave Lawyers. With their help we have completed the whole process of immigration applications.

We are a family with a son who wanted to study in New Zealand at University, and a daughter who was finishing her study in The Netherlands. This made it extra difficult for us to do all the paperwork right. We needed a lot of visas; student visa, work visa and at last our Permanent Resident visas.

The whole process gave us a lot of stress so we were very happy for Lane Neave's help. They took all the paperwork out of our hands and undertook all the communication with Immigration New Zealand. Whenever we had a question they always replied very quickly and could explain everything that we wanted to know.

It is possible to do this yourself, but there are plenty of examples of cases where it went wrong. So if you want someone to take over all your stress, we really recommend Lane Neave Lawyers."

John and Sandra van Warmerdam
September 2011


"I engaged the services of Lane Neave some 16 months ago after an initial telephone discussion 30 months ago.

Having made a decision to emigrate to New Zealand, all your plans for work, home, family and lifestyle hinge on obtaining residency. Quite simply, no residency – no emigration. If you get part way down the road and then can't get residency, you could be left in a horrible stage of limbo, with one foot in UK and one in NZ in any number of aspects (house, job, schooling, promises to family, friends, money half in UK half in £ and half in $ – (rather like a bad disaster film that we all cringe at and never think could happen to us.) The process itself is not easy, the rules change and the stakes are high.

Lane Neave gives you a clear and honest appraisal of your chances and the risks; and specialises in difficult cases. After an initial telephone consultation at the beginning to find out about your case and get a clear idea of what strategy to take and what your time scales are.  Lane Neave will also get involved at major decision cross roads and as difficult or complicated issues arise.

The team at Lane Neave have an amazing knowledge of the system, gives you very clear advice, is happy to answer all your questions however stupid they may seem. Nothing is too much trouble.

Costs are clearly defined at the outset and very reasonable (a sizeable part of which are for things you have to pay for if you were to do it yourself). If your case becomes extremely complex, you will be advised of the need to pay more, but even then, it is very reasonable.

My experience of their service as professionals in their field has been outstanding – worth every penny (or cent)! I cannot recommend them highly enough and am very grateful for all their hard work ensuring a successful outcome.

Lane Neave's Immigration team continued to work in Christchurch throughout the traumas of the earthquake to deliver a brilliant service (it all happened in the middle of key moments of our case). Despite all this, they continued to serve me and my family and ensure that our case was not affected, while their own office and homes had been destroyed. This kind of determination and selfless commitment to their clients is simply an extension of the people they are and their attitude to the life and work."

Chris Calcott
August 2011


"We are writing to record our views regarding our decision to engage the services of Lane Neave, with reference to our desire to reside and work in New Zealand (via the UK).

In October 2010, we were contacted with the news; "Congratulations!" Later that day I called their office to offer a testimonial. It is at this point we realised so many others with differing 'routes' to New Zealand all recorded a tale with familiar names and messages. Here's ours.

We were introduced to Lane Neave (telephone) in August 2008 to discuss options that best suited our personal situations and to achieve our goals. Their assessment, based on the verification of the details we provided, was that they were happy to proceed. Naturally, we enquired what our chances were? "We only take on cases that we are certain will succeed" was the response.

We decided to re-visit New Zealand in January 2009 as part of our final decision making process. At this point we became aware we were dealing with professionals. This assessment held true until this week (October 2010) when we were granted residency.

The process of gaining a work visa and residency ran in tandem. Be warned, the process is testing. However, we are of the opinion that the professionalism of the organisation, their ability to work well with INZ, led to a happy conclusion. Looking back, we could not have navigated this process as quickly without Lane Neave.

It is worth noting too that some associates suggested by Lane Neave (Anglo Pacific, HIFX, etc) turned out to be good recommendations.

Our appreciation to you all. 10/10"

Ian and Jacqui Sergeant - New Zealand!
October 2010


"Deciding to leave behind our family, friends and life in the UK and looking to start a new one thousands of miles away in New Zealand was a scary and daunting prospect. With two young children in tow, a life in NZ sounded exciting and full of opportunities but scary nonetheless. The decision to start our adventure was only the beginning; the next and biggest part was filling out the paperwork! Getting the immigration process to run smoothly the first time was imperative. With so many questions to ask about the process and on top of the long hours I was working in the UK we knew that it was better to have the expertise of an experienced immigration law firm rather than going it alone.

We'd looked into a few immigration advisers but Lane Neave was recommended to us by a NZ recruitment agency and it turned out to be a very good recommendation. Lane Neave gave us great advice from the start. They were knowledgeable, honest and upfront about the immigration process, didn't give us any misconceptions and was clear from the outset about what to expect. But best of all they were patient. They always had time for our questions and put us at ease. This was especially helpful when it came round to having our immigration interview.

We are very glad with our decision to use Lane Neave. This was all so important to us that it just wasn't worth taking the risk in getting the immigration process wrong. Using Lane Neave was money well spent and if I can convince my parents to move out here I know the first place I will tell them to go for advice."

Kes and Shabana Modak - UK
June 2010


"Prior to our arrival in New Zealand in September 2008, we had spent the previous 18 months contemplating whether we actually had the courage to up sticks and move to the other side of the world. We started researching New Zealand, the lifestyle and job prospects in an attempt to find out a little about a country that neither myself nor my partner had ever been to and to determine whether we would be able to achieve our dream.

We met a member of the Lane Neave Immigration team at the Expo in Leeds in April 2008. The initial assessment of us was that we would meet the criteria demanded by Immigration New Zealand providing that one of us obtained a job offer in our respective fields.

We therefore set the ball rolling and in September 2008 travelled out to New Zealand in an attempt to find "qualifying" employment. We again met with Lane Neave at their offices in Christchurch where they reiterated their advice regarding obtaining employment.

Some two weeks into our travels I was offered employment in Wellington. All we had to do now was return to the UK and get the appropriate visa. I was due to start work at the beginning of December 2008 and we arrived back in the UK on 1 November. Needless to say we had a very fraught month getting all the paperwork, medicals and police checks together to send to Lane Neave to work their magic. That was in addition to making arrangements to move to the other side of the world. My work visa arrived on 29 November 2008, I was on a plane on 1 December, arrived in New Zealand on 3 December and started work on the 4th.

After the expiry of my probationary period at work Lane Neave advised that we should apply for our residency visas. Without getting professional advice, this was something we would not have considered was possible at that time. The applications were expertly prepared and submitted in June 2009. Our residency visas arrived just before Christmas 2009.

It is many people's dream to emigrate and although in theory the idea sounds wonderful in practice it is the most stressful thing we have ever experienced. Had it not been for the excellent service provided by Lane Neave who took the burden of the immigration process off us, we probably would have given up and not seen things through. The immigration process really is a minefield with a mountain of paperwork and ever changing rules. It is to the credit of Lane Neave that we are here (and here to stay). We can honestly say that it was all worthwhile and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lane Neave's Immigration team to anyone who is thinking of making the move out here. It really is money well spent."

Julie Wray and Les Harrison - UK
January 2010


"Lucy and I decided to emigrate to New Zealand from the UK in November 2008. We spoke to Lane Neave and they assured me that if I arrived in New Zealand by the middle of January 2009, there would be enough time to get the residency application submitted. I should say that my 56th birthday was on March 16th, 2009 and we only had one chance to get the whole thing resolved by the birthday deadline.

I came over on my own and met Lane Neave on January 19th 2009. They said get a job in 2 weeks and we can do this! We were emigrating on my long term skills shortage points so it was vital that I gave them all of the relevant information.

Lane Neave were absolutely fantastic, without their support and encouragement, to say nothing of their professional expertise and very good relationship with the Immigration Department of New Zealand I would have been defeated.

Everything they told me happened, as they said it would and they made what could have been a very stressful process very straightforward.

We submitted the Residency Application to Immigration with 2 days to spare!

There were certain trade qualification certificates that had to be searched for in the UK by City & Guilds and this proved to be a frustrating problem and once again Lane Neave came to the rescue with a brilliant letter to the Immigration Department which won the day and we have now been granted Residency.

I have recommended Lane Neave to all of my family and friends who have expressed an interest in coming here.

You will not be disappointed with any decision you make in trusting Lane Neave to handle your Immigration Applications they are fantastic.

From a very delighted family happily living in New Zealand."

Derek, Lucy, Chris & Isaac Boyce
August 2009


"When we (Mark and Therese Leslie and our 2 children) decided to emigrate to New Zealand we spent some time calculating what it would cost us to move to the other side of the world and set up our new life. Enlisting the services of a professional immigration consultant, was an additional cost at what is already an expensive time but we can honestly say it was worth every penny, it took a number of headaches away from us at what was a stressful time already. Compared to some of our friends who decided to ‘do it themselves’ we had no problems and no sleepless nights due to unforeseen issues around the paperwork.

Why we chose Lane Neave and would recommend them to others is their excellent communication, professional knowledge and friendly guidance. They are honest and realistic in their appraisal of your application and advise and guide you appropriately.

We enlisted their services to apply for Mark's temporary work visa, which was required immediately when we arrived in New Zealand and then for our permanent residence visas which have subsequently been granted. We had initial conference calls with Lane Neave while we were in the UK and through continuing regular contact with them we were able to progress the time critical elements of our application whilst in transit from the UK. Lane Neave were in contact with Mark’s employer in New Zealand ahead of our arrival which gave all concerned confidence in the dates that had been committed to.

We were also well informed and guided through the permanent residence Visa process, which was managed well and completed quickly. We were well briefed on all the supporting elements of the application, especially around the rules pertaining to jobs in specific categories (eg: long term skills shortage) which were in a constant state of change through Immigration New Zealand amendments at the time of our application.

We feel that using Lane Neave to manage our NZ visa applications was a great decision and would not hesitate to recommend you to do the same."

Mark and Therese Leslie
July 2009


"We recently emigrated to New Zealand and thanks to Lane Neave Lawyers we were issued with our residency Visas. We initially started the application process back in December 2006 with an agent back in the UK but because of a medical issue with Sue the agent in the UK found it very difficult. I came to NZ on a 2 year work visa, started work here in Timaru whilst Sue and our two children stayed in the UK until our application was approved. As previously said our agent in the UK found it very difficult and was out of his depth. I got in touch with Lane Neave who agreed to take on our case. I was becoming very stressed having been apart from my family for so long and not knowing if residency would be granted. Lane Neave assured me that they would do their best to get residency for my family and true to their word Lane Neave got NZ Immigration to see sense and residency was granted.

I always found Lane Neave to be very professional and helpful. All communications were straight forward and informative which went a very long way to assure us that in this very stressful period of our lives things would turn out as we wanted.

We would like to thank Lane Neave and would just like to say to anyone wishing to emigrate to NZ please do, as we eventually did, use Lane Neave's Immigration team. You won’t regret it.

Once again, a Big Thank you, you helped change our lives."

Mike & Sue Howard - UK

Moving to New Zealand from Overseas


"My family and I decided to emigrate to New Zealand in late 2010. Through referrals from friends we engaged Lane Neave.

We started the whole process in November 2010 starting with a telephone conversation. From day one we knew exactly what we had to do, the timeframe required and why it had to be done. Lane Neave was there to help us every step of the way even through the Christchurch earthquake of February 2011.

We could rely on Lane Neave to give us the correct advice every time.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lane Neave for a superb job. We have now achieved residency and are very proud and excited about our future in New Zealand.

Once again, thank you".

Stander Family - SA
February 2013


"I, Marlene Officer settled here in New Zealand in 2002, and my brother Leslie Officer and family followed in 2008. However, my sister Margaret Labonte who was solely dependant on us, did not meet the age criteria. Whilst INZ understood the issue, they followed their rules and declined all attempts through Members of Parliament and our own personal pursuit of obtaining a discretionary decision. My sister was served with a removal order in October 2009. As one can imagine this was an extremely distressing time for her and our family.

At this point we realised that we needed an immigration lawyer, but felt daunted by the task of researching through all who are available in Christchurch. Fortunately, I met someone who recommended Lane Neave. On meeting a member of Lane Neave's Immigration team, we felt confident by their assessment and clear direction as to how we could secure Margaret's residency. Their professionalism is clad in empathy, tenacity, determination and dedication. At all times, we never felt rushed and were made to feel that we were important, and that they believed in our case. Their determined and unwavering belief led to obtaining the award of residence to Margaret from the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

In 2010 Lane Neave also prepared the Appeal, They exuded confidence, professionalism, knowledge, and transparency in their actions and direction, which I would suggest is Lane Neave's signature.

We end with gratefulness in our hearts and highly recommend that Lane Neave be chosen to assist you in your migration journey to New Zealand, and working through the New Zealand immigration laws."

Marlene Officer, Leslie Officer and Margaret Labonte
July 2011


"A little while back my partner and I were trying to get her visa renewed, Immigration wasn't the most helpful to us during this process so we were left with no other choice than to talk to a soliciotr, after hours of searching and trying to track down a good firm to work with we stumbled across Lane Neave, I have to say that our expectations were very high as we are both very professional people.

We came to the agreement with Lane Neave's help that a Partnership visa was the most practical way to go plus it fits our lifestyle perfectly.  Their information was not only appropriate but also very useful and thorough in all aspects, their professionalism and attention to detail were amazing and also very crucial in getting the perfect results we were after.

Lane Neave has helped us through a tough time and allowed us to live our lives together the way we want to, and this simply couldn't be done without them and their great attitude towards understanding the needs of their clients and genuinely wanting to help them.  I have no hesitation in recommending Lane Neave Lawyers to anyone who may need their help, they will not be disappointed and I know they will have an enjoyable and stress free experience with them as we did.

Thank you so much this couldn't have been achieved without you."

Vinny and Becky Richmond
June 2010


"After my daughter’s personal application for a work permit was declined by Immigration New Zealand, I then decided to contact Lane Neave for assistance. Not only did they help her to obtain a work permit, but in the meantime have also successfully applied for residency on her behalf.

Lane Neave is one of the most professional firms I have ever dealt with and I recommend them without hesitation."

Talita vd Merwe
June 2010


"If you want a job done well then ask a professional company who practice with integrity, honesty and with honourable principles. Lane Neave didn't let us down throughout the immigration process. It would have been fraught, stressful and a traumatic episode in our life had we undertaken the task ourselves.

Immigration at any point of your life is a major enterprise but in our case, time was of the essence. With the solid dependability of Lane Neave the process from start to conclusion was a concise, succinct exercise with a successful outcome. We made the right decision to seek advice from Lane Neave and would not hesitate in thoroughly recommending this prestigious, prominent establishment.

Thank you Lane Neave's Immigration team. You all were great!"

Mutley and Judy Vaughan
May 2010


"We decided to move to New Zealand having been there on a few occasions on holiday to visit relatives.

We engaged the services of Lane Neave Lawyers as there were health issues to deal with which we knew we would need help with.

Right from the first phone call with them we knew that we had done the right thing! We were made to feel that all would be well and they would take the stress out of all of the procedures, and they did!

Each time we contacted Lane Neave with a problem they sorted it. No matter how small the problem was we were never made to feel that we were being a nuisance.

We have met people over here who are going about obtaining residency themselves without any help and are finding the whole thing rather difficult. One person we met applied for residency well before we did and is still waiting! We are so glad that we had Lane Neave working for us!

We would say that knowing how much is involved in applying for residency and dealings with Immigration we would NEVER advise anyone to do it on their own.

Call Lane Neave! They really are the best!"

Brian & Lesley Knowles
April 2010


"In June 2008 we made a decision that we wanted to leave South Africa and move to New Zealand. We attended an expo in Johannesburg and came across the Lane Neave stall amongst many others and from that first interaction we felt we had made the right decision.

Within a few weeks we had started the process of moving to New Zealand. From the very first interaction we had a relaxed but very professional relationship. Their professional advice on the process we were about to enter into was accurate every step of the way and this really helped us get through a naturally stressful process.

We arrived in New Zealand in February 2009 (as the recession hit) and in January 2010 we were issued residency in New Zealand.

We have used the Lane Neave firm for some other legal issues and we can confidently say that you will receive friendly and professional service across the entire firm and can feel confident in the knowledge and ability of each member of the firm.

We have recommended the services of Lane Neave to a number of friends and family who want to begin the immigration process and I have no doubt that they will experience the same professionalism and brilliant customer service that we did. Many look at the cost and say it is too expensive with all the other immigration expenses, but we can assure you that engaging the services of Lane Neave was worth every dollar spent and I would encourage anyone to make this expense work in your budget.

Thank you. You have made a HUGE difference to our lives and we are truly grateful.  We appreciate your support and services through our immigration process and will continue to engage with Lane Neave Lawyers when needed."

Marc James and Kirsten Love - South Africa
February 2010


"I applied for New Zealand residence almost two years ago. It became a long, complex and confusing process due to health issues, which not only cost my family a lot of time and money but also resulted in our whole family being under considerable pressure. Due to the high levels of stress suffered we almost gave up going through the process at a certain stage.

Fortunately we met the Immigration team at Lane Neave.

We found them to be very professional, friendly and highly efficient. We felt a high level of confidence from the moment we met and began dealing with them their knowledge, experience, diligence and resources played a key part in my case. They clearly outlined the specific steps and strategies involved to achieve our aim. The process and communication with Lane Neave were clear and simple and the fees were fair and reasonable. As a result they used their ability to turn what had been a very difficult case into a bright outcome.

I believe Lane Neave should be your first choice if you are experiencing any difficulties with your immigration situation. Lane Neave's Immigration team have the knowledge, ability, experience and attitude to assist you and your best interests. Save your time and save your money!"

Jacky Guan
January 2010


"We had originally considered immigrating to the UK but for a variety of reasons decided not to. The agent we were using in the UK recommended that we use Lane Neave Lawyers if we were considering a move to New Zealand.

From the outset and in evaluating our case Lane Neave were straightforward and understood our concerns, which we greatly appreciated, having an excellent knowledge of all aspects of New Zealand immigration.  From the first interview you know where you are with your assessment. In my case I was concerned about my age which he assured me would not be a problem.

The nice thing about Lane Neave is that you know upfront what you are in for dollar wise, however you do not pay all the money upfront, it is broken down into stages, (can’t ask for more than that!), you pay on performance – basically, if Lane Neave are successful you pay. I have heard a number of horror stories of other agents where the total payment had to be made upfront with no subsequent service. This shows how Lane Neave are confident in themselves and you can be confident that Lane Neave will succeed.

In our case Lane Neave were absolutely wonderful from giving me mobile number in case I had a problem on arrival in New Zealand which was in the middle of the night – right through to issues with my work permit. Immigration came back advising a six week waiting period. I phoned Lane Neave explaining that my funds were running low and that I needed to start earning Dollars. They told me to leave it in her hands and the next afternoon a temporary work permit arrived for six months with a five year work permit arriving three weeks later. If I was on my own I would have had to wait the full six weeks. At this point Lane Neave had more than paid their own fees by saving me the six weeks of waiting.

We also immediately applied for permanent residency which came through 7 months later. When I listen to other immigrants doing their own thing and the problems they had, it is not worth it. Lane Neave know exactly what needs to go into the application and make sure that all the necessary documentation is attached. There is no beating about the bush, and you know exactly where you stand in the whole process.

With immigration changing the rules so often especially during the recession it is a big relief to know that you have Lane Neave beside you in such a stressful time. I have no problem recommending Lane Neave Lawyers and have already done so a number of times. Looking at all the awards they have won it is testimony of the professional services they supply."

Christo & Yolande Louw
December 2009


"My wife, Pam and I left South Africa recently to live close to and join our 3 children and 4 grandchildren in New Zealand. Since we are both over 55 years old, we had to submit an application in January 2009 for permanent residence, which included my oldest son agreeing to sponsor our application. Due to the delay in the consideration of parental sponsorship applications of around 18 months, we had to extend our visitor’s visas for another year to allow for the permanent residence application to run its course. As this was a special application, which was outside of normal policy, we phoned the Immigration Department in Christchurch on numerous occasions and even visited them to try and understand exactly what we needed to obtain this special extension to our visitors’ visas. After much effort and heartache, we decided to engage Lane Neave Lawyers to help us with the application and submission thereof, as they have been in the Immigration visa and permit application game for over 2 decades.

The manner in which Lane Neave advised us to tackle this matter and the preparation and submission of documents and photographs by Lane Neave with our help, was first class. I have personally dealt with a number of lawyers in the international arena when I was the head of a number of companies in South Africa and found Lane Neave up there with the best of law firms in Switzerland, USA and South Africa to name a few countries.

Our application was submitted by Lane Neave to the Immigration department in Christchurch with an outstanding covering letter and we were shocked and pleasantly surprised that our application was approved by the Immigration department only 3 working days after it was submitted. We commend Lane Neave's Immigration team for their commitment, enthusiasm, dedication and encouragement throughout the process.

Well done!!!"

Mark and Pam Cvitanich - South Africa
August 2009


"I'd like to take this opportunity to formally thank Lane Neave for its assistance in the successful application for permanent residency of New Zealand for both myself and Kim.

As I write I'd also like to offer my sincere thanks for your personal assistance in bringing our application to a successful conclusion. I'm aware that on a number of occasions you have had to respond to e-mails (sometimes very long-winded!!!) and answer questions regarding my situation, all of which have been dealt with in an exceptionally professional, courteous and expedient manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Lane Neave and particularly yourself should I know of anyone wishing to make the move that Kim and I have. Having such a professional and knowledgeable organisation on your side, coupled with the service of the allocated immigration staff, removes much of the uncertainty and worry from what is undoubtedly a stressful time.

Thanks once again."

Jon and Kim Evans
April 2009


"My wife, Lindie, and I are from Port Elizabeth. I'm 30 years old and Lindie is 27. In March 2007 we decided to travel to New Zealand on one of those "Look, See, and Decide" (LSD) trips to see if New Zealand could be a place where we would want move to. We spent a week in Auckland and another week in Christchurch to get a "feel" for the north and south island. So after only 2 weeks worth of traveling we returned home and immediately decided that Christchurch was where we wanted to be. However there were a few problem: no job offers, limited cash to sustain us until we secured jobs, and to make things worse neither of us were on the skills shortage list (I'm in real estate and Lindie has an office administration background).

Undeterred, we dived in headfirst and came to Christchurch with nothing but 2 suitcases, plenty of fear, but loads of hope. There was no turning back for us - we simply had it fixed in our minds that we had to make this work because going back to South Africa was not an option.

I was tired to fearing for my wife's safety, or lying awake at night wondering if someone was going to jump over the fence into my property.

Before long I had a job offer as Sales & Marketing Manager for a real estate investment company and Lindie was offered work as a property manager at Ray White Real Estate – great! Now for the work permits and permanent residence applications. Now most people told us that applying for work permits and permanent residence is a relatively simple process and that you can just do it yourself. While this is true in many cases, sooooo much can go wrong. Given the importance of getting these work permits and residence papers, I was not about to gamble with my future and "DIY" it. I wasn't prepared to use an agent either because, in my opinion, you can fork out thousands of dollars for absolutely no benefit.

Probably the best decision of my life was to marry Lindie. The second best was to move to New Zealand. A very close third was the decision to use Lane Neave Lawyers. I am recommending to everyone I know who is planning to move to New Zealand to use Lane Neave when applying for their work permits and permanent residence papers. They are simply brilliant - even negotiated an increase in pay for my job offer!  And got my work permit for me in 2 days, and my permanent residence in under 3 months.

Many of friends who decided to "DIY" it are STILL waiting for permanent residency after many months and years. I also have some friends who submitted applications to immigration using consultants/agents – but after urging them to take advantage of Lane Neave's free initial consultation they immediately spotted glaring problems in the applications and they managed to avert disaster. I simply cannot give enough praise or recommendation for the team at Lane Neave!

Since moving here I've had many friends and family join me in NZ. Needless to say, I don't think I'll ever be moving back to SA."

Paul and Lindie de Klerk


"When I had the first consultation with Lane Neave last year, we were confused regarding my elderly father's visa and how to go about getting them to New Zealand to join us. Reading the requirements set out by NZ Immigration it seemed a very complex and difficult task to get our family together in New Zealand.

Lane Neave were very honest and kind to us and we gained a good impression of them, so we decided to work with them. A few months later, NZ Immigration changed their policies, so again we met with Lane Neave regarding my father's visa. As before, Lane Neave weres very honest with us and gave us a range of possible scenarios. Following Lane Neave's advice we went ahead with the preparation of the visas. The process was not easy and all of my family had a tough time but we believed that Lane Neave were doing their best for my father. We waited for the results of the visa application which took longer than we expected.

One day, we received a phone call from Lane Neave saying that my father's application had been granted. Our family was absolutely overwhelmed.

What Lane Neave had done for us was absolutely amazing. We are really glad to have had this journey with Lane Neave's Immigration team and it was a great experience with them. Lane Neave are professional and reliable. They were very patient and listened very carefully to our concerns. Always faithfully answered any questions which I asked and tried to understand our family's frustration and pain.

Because of their dedication and faith, we have been able to obtain the visa for my father and we are really looking forward to having my father join us in New Zealand soon. The family unit is the most important thing to us and I feel that Lane Neave understands it deeply.

We strongly recommend Lane Neave to anyone who needs help in dealing with the NZ Immigration Service.

All our family would like to express our sincere gratitude once again to Lane Neave for a great effort which produced such a marvelous result."

Chung Family


"Lane Nave were absolutely great. If you are seriously looking for assistance with immigration issues, I would definitely recommend that you contact Lane Neave's Immigration team.

Lane Neave were extremely professional and achieved the aim of getting our residence visas on time and on budget. Handing over our application to Lane Neave was the best thing we could have done as it allowed us to focus on other issues.

A great service all round!"

Ms Jiang


"I was in a situation where I did not know what to do after my first application from INZ got declined; so I needed some legal advice. I approached Lane Neave’s Immigration team (after reading about them in the Lane Neave website); well Thanks to "Google"!! Lane Neave were very professional from the day I was on the phone till the day I got my resident Visa and I really appreciate what they have done for me. I was advised about all possibilities and what went wrong when I did the residency application by myself.

After few months I appointed Lane Neave to act on behalf of me for another application and now I am a resident Visa holder; how cool is that? This goes for all applicants; your situation may be tough or easy, if the application cannot show that you are skilled and capable of contributing to the economy then the fee you pay for doing it by yourself can sometime be a waste of time and money. So, the point is Lane Neave is highly recommended. I found my solution and am really happy with the A+ services Lane Neave provided me. Thank you so much Lane Neave!! :)"

Paul Prasenjit
January 2014


“My husband lived in Australia for a few years and had 2 Residency applications rejected. For some reason at that time he felt he could deal with immigration by himself and without hiring a lawyer.

Obviously he messed it up twice and ended up coming back to India. We got married when he arrived back and decided to move to NZ. I came here on a student visa and my husband followed with a work visa. Since the debacle in Australia my husband was very very cautious and didn't want to repeat the episode; so we approached Lane Neave. After our initial consultation meeting we decided to hire Lane Neave for their assistance with work and residency visas. Lane Neave helped me to obtain 2 years of work visa through my work twice and also permanent residency.

We were helped through the whole process with clear directions.  Lane Neave were very professional in their approach; we had a lot of questions and they were very helpful in sorting out our concerns everytime.

Their knowledge on immigration rules and process is brilliant, all our questions and queries were answered in a timely manner and we had one on one meetings at appropriate intervals as well.

I would definitely recommend Lane Neave to anyone wishing to pursue immigration advice, especially those with unusual cases so that they can get the right and accurate advice.”

Dhara Barot
March 2014


“I am so grateful to Lane Neave for all their assistance with the successful granting of my New Zealand Residence Visa. I live in South Africa and had originally applied on my own direct to the Pretoria Branch. When the rules pertaining to Parent Sponsorship changed in July 2012 I was totally devastated. My daughter was in Christchurch and approached Lane Neave to help and I have been amazed at the speedy professional encouraging assistance I received at all times.

I would have given up many times and then would receive an email from them and things would not seem so bad after all. I will be arriving in Christchurch on 25th May 2014 and will definitely like to meet the Lane Neave Immigration team to thank them in person. I have no hesitation in recommending Lane Neave Lawyers to anyone contemplating a move to New Zealand.”

Frances Docking
April 2014


“To obtain residency in any country can be very involved and challenging. When additional complications are experienced this process becomes beyond the capability of private individuals.

The complication we experienced, involved a serious medical issue and we realized we needed professional help. Lane Neave came highly recommended. We appreciated their candour throughout the entire process. Now that we have reached a positive outcome there is no doubt that without Lane Neave’s assistance our application would not have succeeded.

The future of our family uniting here in New Zealand was at stake - a negative outcome was just unthinkable. Our family will forever be grateful to Lane Neave for their professional handling of our application and the personal interest and support shown at various challenging stages.

We have no hesitation in recommending the dedicated team at Lane Neave.”

Hennie and Theresa Cloete
May 2014


"I've been working with Lane Neave for over a decade now and have engaged them for both commercial and personal purposes. My most recent dealings with Lane Neave was with their immigration team. We found them prompt, easy to talk with and most importantly we found that they gave us confidence and the peace of mind that our application would be accepted.

Lane Neave has a reputation for being the best legal firm money can buy within Christchurch. I totally agree. My comment to the team as I left with my partner’s Visa acceptance was 'money well spent'. I also understand that Lane Neave repetitively wins industry awards yet they stay very humble and quiet about it.”

Ashley Horton
June 2014


"I decided to engage Lane Neave after a friend recommended them to me about 5 years ago when I told her about my Residence issue.

My case was very complicated - I needed professional immigration assistance. Lane Neave provided outstanding and professional service throughout the process. Their skill, experience and commitment made the process stress free for me. Their communication was excellent and I was kept up to date with all the processes.

So together with my family, I want to thank the team at Lane Neave. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

I will certainly recommend Lane Nave to anyone who needs Immigration assistance.”

Phillipa Muza
June 2014



“Really appreciate for this opportunity to say thanks to the Lane Neave immigration team. I highly recommend Lane Neave immigration team to people who have the problem with the resident visa application. This team is very professional and helpful. All the team members are very passionate and responsible for my case. English is not my first language. This team has very good communication skill. They always explained everything in detail. I did not feel hard to communicate with them . No time waster in this team. This team works very hard. that is why my resident application is approved just in eight months. I would say thank you to Lane Leave immigration team."

Yan Wu
July 2014


"I engaged Lane Neave in 2013 when my husband’s work visa was delayed due to medical issues. This was a particularly troublesome problem because my daughter and I had already moved to New Zealand (from the U.S.) and had bought a house on the assumption that the visa problems would be resolved quickly by Immigration. When it became apparent that the problems were bigger than we had anticipated, I engaged Lane Neave. Lane Neave walked me through the process and the approvals that would be needed. They reviewed the letters we obtained from our doctors and suggested some wording changes to these letters. With Lane Neave’s help, my husband’s visa was approved. I was very happy with the way I was kept informed of all the steps, and I knew I was taking all the proper actions at the correct times.

When we applied for our residency visas, we again used Lane Neave, particularly with the concern that the medical issues might be a problem again. With their help we prepared the entire package of information needed by Immigration (and plenty more, just in case). The package was designed to completely answer any questions they might have. Despite our following the guidelines on the Immigration web site, Immigration decided that our fingerprint clearance form was not acceptable. Rather than having our applications moved to the bottom of the queue, Lane Neave worked with Immigration to be sure our place in line was maintained while we obtained the fingerprint clearance again from the FBI in the U.S. Throughout this process, until the day of approval, we were kept informed of every step that occurred and any action we needed to take.

Immigrating can be very stressful. There are many pieces of data to gather and present and one mistake can cause your application to be rejected. After trying to do it myself, I was very happy to have Lane Neave take over and advise. It dramatically reduced the worry and helped to streamline the process. I highly recommend using Lane Neave. I was pleased with the speed of response to my (many) questions and the professionalism and expertise of the Lane Neave team."

Judy McKay
July 2014


"I would like to thank Lane Neave for making it easy for us to become part of your wonderful country. We were provided with incredible service and we were kept in the loop every step of the way. Lane Neave’s feed back was excellent. This was a big step in our lives with a lot of stress, but with the help of such an excellent team, they made it real easy for us.

I would strongly recommend their services to anyone.

Willem Schwartz
March 2015


"I chose Lane Neave to work on my residence application because its immigration team has a reputation of being the best team in Christchurch. Back to the days when I started looking for legal advise my issue was specially complicated and I was worried, Lane Neave gave me confidence and helped me to accomplished one step to another, they are professional, efficient and easy to communicate with. I did not expect my residence could be approved in such a short time, I believe this team has put a great effort on my case and am really appreciate their works.

"If Lane Neave can not help you on your case then no one in Christchurch can." a friend told me so and I think he was right."

Emma Xu
April 2015


"I found Lane Neave after researching immigration services on the internet and impressed by the depth of content on their web site, I decided to contact them undeterred by the geographical location (Lane Neave is South Island based whilst I am North Island based). NB: LN have recently opened an office in Auckland. Following, an initial discussion with one of the senior immigration consultants I knew I had found the right Company to support my application for residency. The process took just a few months and with excellent evaluation and guidance from Lane Neave, I was awarded ‘permanent’ residency status much to my surprise and delight.

I cannot recommend Lane Neave highly enough for their professional and considered service, but on reflection, what really made the difference was the considered, kind and thoughtful way my immigration consultant interacted with me through a time of personal and significant uncertainty."

Sara Jones
May 2015



Moving to New Zealand from Ireland


"I just wanted to write a note to say thank you very much to Lane Neave for their professionalism, patience and skill in dealing with our permanent residency application, and also our previous temporary visa application. Given my wife’s medical condition, I would have been unable to achieve a successful outcome on my own, and I needed your skills and knowledge to navigate this matter through New Zealand immigration policy and procedures.

It has been a trying time over the last year, however we eventually obtained our permanent residence thanks to you both. I certainly recommend your services to anyone I know who has immigration issues."

Guy and Syully Dobson
December 2012


"We left Ireland on a one year work visa with the intention of moving on after the year was completed. However we fell for New Zealand straight away and decided we wanted to stay. As we are both trades people we figured we could look at immigration as this was the more realistic option to make our life here permanent. We had a look on the NZ Immigration webpage about what was required and we were overwhelmed and unsure of what direction to go. After talking to a few people Lane Neave was recommended to us.

We met with Lane Neave and got down to business straight away. The best thing we found with using Lane Neave was that every step of the way we had help. Lane Neave was always on hand if we wanted to check anything and if they needed anything for our application they contacted us immediately which as a client makes you feel important and looked after.

As a result of Lane Neave's diligent work and effort we were granted residency within five months of starting the process which was absolutely incredible. We couldn’t be happier with the work the team at Lane Neave have done for us and would highly recommend them to anybody who wishes to gain residency in New Zealand."

Emma Costelloe and James Benson
July 2012


"I engaged Lane Neave in 2010 to assist my mother in obtaining a visitor visa extension that was outside of New Zealand Immigration Policy. Throughout this initial engagement we felt reassured by the expert knowledge and exceptional professionalism demonstrated at all times by Lane Neave's Immigration team. Once we were successful in obtaining the visa, we had no hesitation in continuing to work with Lane Neave, in what turned out to be a complex residency application and additional visitor visa extension process.

We were kept up to date with the rapidly changing immigration rules, which was vital to a successful outcome. I am delighted to say that my mother’s application was successful, and I have no doubt that working with Lane Neave significantly reduced stress and contributed to a speedier conclusion. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending to anyone looking to settle or extend their stay in New Zealand."

Rachel Rose
July 2013


"I would once again like to take this opportunity to thank you personally and your team for all the help and support. You were fantastic and made a stressful and anxious time easier to deal with."

Michelle Howard
August 2013


"I would certainly like to recommend Lane Neave on the excellent service they have provided in our quest for a Resident Visa.

I approached the company when I felt that I needed some legal expertise in completing the application for my wife's son. With all previous visa applications I had had no problems, but my wife's son was a different case.

Lane Neave provided excellent assistance. The extra work that they was able to complete due to "knowing the system", who and how to contact the necessary people and obtain the relevant paperwork, certainly made our task easy.

Given that Immigration NZ had changed their criteria, Lane Neave's knowledge of current methods and the legislation meant that we were on a winner.

I must congratulate the team at Lane Neave for their knowledge and efforts on our behalf.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the very reasonable cost of this service. I would recommend this company to anyone who felt in difficulties with an immigration issue."

Darryl Thompson, on behalf of my wife and her son, Lam
August 2013